Sail Awnings

Our range of sail awnings have a nautical heritage. The latest sailing materials, technology and design has created a totally unique awning system. Manual and electronic options with the unique feature of retractable sails.


Freestanding or wall mounted shade made of stainless steel with a swinging sail. The Dacron® canvas winds up in just a few seconds by hand, or using a remote-controlled motor. In the motor-driven version, Defense is fitted with an anemometer for automatically closing the sail in the event of strong wind. Defense wall-mounted is made with a stainless steel bracket which ensures minimum dimensions of anchorage and allows to combine multiple sails.

Its original shape led Defense to be mentioned among the 100 most representative design objects of the Made in Italy.



Self-standing shade supported by four stainless steel poles, two of which support the roller tube, and the other two support the motors to handle the sail. Available in four diff erent sizes, Intrepid needs no tension bracings and consists of two sails that roll around an anodized aluminum  profile. The sails, made of Dacron®, open thanks to a spring inside the roller tube and can be handled manually or through a remote control.

Diff erent possibilities for anchorage to the ground: plugs, ballasted base with water tank per pole or steel deck and Ipè wood walking surface with adjustable feet.



Stainless steel pillars, Dacron® canvas and clean lines, Magical is a custom-made sail, fi t to shade areas of up to 70 s.m. per sail and with  endless diff erent combinations. It does not need tension bracings generally,  it’s available with a single (triangle) or double (square or rectangular) sail  and can be equipped with manual or motorized roller tube, with the motor positioned within the pole or anchored to wall.

When motor-driven, Magical is fi tted with an anemometer (1) for automatic closure of the sails in case of strong wind. An innovative feature is the worm screw (2), which allows an elegant management of the sail through a single rope.


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